Cancer Recovery Through Movement

An Individualized Body Wellness Plan Made Just For You

Because Cancer Doesn't Come In Just One Color


I’ve been training at UFIT for several years. I was and always have been fit. Tracy could give me any challenge and I was up to it! My expectations of myself and my workout have always been high. My life was GOOD! Then one day my life changed Forever...
July 18, 2013 I was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer with metastasis to my bones. That day my real challenge and journey began.
Tracy came to my side. She stuck with me and has continued to stay with me. She took her own time and went to a class to be certified to help me and other cancer survivors. Tracy continues to educate herself with all of my new developments and challenges.
I’m Stage four so I will continue to require treatment indefinitely. There are days that all I can do is stretch and maybe some strengthening exercise, then other days gradually increase weights and work harder. Tracy continually checks on my weekly and adjusts my training to my weekly and daily ability, needs and limits. She also coordinates my workouts with whatever I am doing in Physical Therapy.
I need to stay strong to continue to fight my cancer. Tracy works hard to keep me positive and both physically and mentally STRONG!
I consider Tracy... My Day Maker.
— Sandy Andreini, Cancer Survivor #sandystrong

Tracy helped my husband, Rick, recover after he had received extensive cancer treatment. She tailored workouts to fit his specific needs and her knowledge, encouragement, and compassion were a highlight for him twice a week. I highly recommend UFIT as a business that accommodates a clients needs and goals regardless of age or ability. 

Judy Levin

I want cancer survivors to know that through a carefully designed exercise program you can have a quality of life that will alleviate many of the side effects related to cancer and its treatment
— Tracy Mikle, UFIT Cancer Exercise Specialist

As part of your recovery team, it is our goal to help you take back control of your life as you establish a new normal through exercise and movement.

The Benefits of Exercising and After Treatment

  • Improve tolerance o f treatment, both mentally and physically
  • Return to prior strength and fitness levels
  • Improve range of motion that may be limited from surgery
  • Increase energy level and improve sleep quality
  • Reduce pain
  • Prevent and manage lymphedema

Session Pricing *

Sixty Minute Session $48

Thirty Minute Session $30

*Prior to the first session, an in-depth conversation and fitness assessment will be conducted which may include testing for strength, cardiovascular endurance, range of motion and postural deviations.  As with any physical activity, please consult with your physician before beginning this fitness program.