Our core business is Personal Training.  Sessions may be scheduled individually or with a Buddy. We even offer an Introductory New Client Special so you can try out our services before you purchase the package which is right for you.  All packages are prepaid.  An online payment link can be provided. 

Personal Training

New Client Specials

$100 Introductory rate for fitness evaluation and two 60 minute personal training sessions. 


$250 Introductory rate for fitness evaluation and five 60 minute personal training sessions, with a free sixth session. 

Individual 60 Minute Sessions

30 Sessions     $48 per session     $1440 package price                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

12 Sessions     $52 per session      $624 package price

*30 Session packages may be paid for in groups of 10 sessions at a time ($480).  However the client is responsible for the entire amount of the first package chosen.

Buddy 60 Minute Sessions

10 Sessions     $37 per person per session     $370 price per person for package

Student 60 Minute Sessions (Up to Age 22)*

4 Sessions     $43 per session     $172 Package price

* Group sessions available upon request (3 or more participants), Buddy workouts (2 students) $37/each per session.

Cancer Recovery Through Movement

60 Minute Session $48

30 Minute Session $30

*Amount of sessions purchased may be discussed at evaluation